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A Customised Notebook Just at Rs. 179/-! Are You Freaking Out?....

It may sound apparent yet there is a subtle difference between a diary and a note book; solely based on quality, binding and means of using of course. However, we all known that note books are for day to day chores and accomplishing regular literary works. As it’s used both by professionals and students, a recent trend has been observed; i.e. practicing a custom of gifting note books in various styles, customised note books, printed note books and so on. Therefore, let’s quickly discover all of its types.

A simple binded note book for students and kids…

This is the normal or ordinary one, used mainly for educational means. However, one can get a simple note book for high school students while a colourful one for a kid.

A customised note book…

Getting eyebrows squeezed? Alright, don’t get worried. It’s also a simple one, only it’s cover is printed as by a customer’s choice. Thus it’s jovially accepted as new yet impressive gift items.

Promotional note books…

This is that type—can be used for any kind of business promotion. Corporate can print their office’s name or logo or a logo with quote, as per need. For instance, if you work in a pollution control office then a quote lowering the CO2 emission better will be survival along with it’s logo may go suitable with the note books for the up next promotion.

Go through the special wired bound note books…

These have very special get ups and commonly share a looking resemblance with a planner diary. As here also, separate log sections are made for each page those are distinguishable through colours. Therefore, if having a little higher budget in company’s pocket go for this on for this promotional show. Make these logo printed on the top, of course.

Where to buy printed not books?

Honestly, I feel pretty vague while answering the question. Because, quality and purchase are complete symbiotic concept. Therefore, it solely depends on a customer’s strength to climbing up the ladder of budget. However, if there is any need to amalgamate quality and budget together, especially for quotidian middle class then, try Printalnd.in. It’s a heaven for all middle class. If you feel skeptical on my words, pay a personal visit instead. A custom or printed note book from this store can be grabbed at flat rs. 175/- with an additional 10% discount. Now choice is yours.

Any idea on printing methods…

These are as lucid as clear water. No rocket science lies behind except few steps. These are…

  • Choose an online store, printland.in or else.
  • Enter to the site and get some relevant information if you are a new comer.
  • Then go through all it’s products and move to customised note books printing section.
  • Observe and select the style, you like most.
  • Pick any image, logo or template and upload on it, at the place you want.
  • Do adjust a little and that’s all.

On an average the whole process takes not more than five minutes. Thus before the new year come in, be ready with the gift ideas either for distinct events or for public purposes. Just enjoy the positive vibe of the day. Happy shopping…


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